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emotional domain.

Hello I am the creator of the site Silvio Welcome to this new video. Today I'll talk about emotional control, that is, how you manage your emotions feel good, feel strong as you learn Portuguese.

Yeah I know it's hard you get home after a long day at work ... come home excited and studying Portuguese is very difficult. During the day I spent a lot of energy and when you come home you still have to study Portuguese or you have to find the energy to be able to study Portuguese. So why is this so important we learn some techniques to manage some methods to control our emotions to feel better while we're learning this new language to Portuguese ok.

So basically today we'll talk about emotional control. Remember emotional domain so you know how you manage your emotions and have enough energy to keep studying when you come home after a long day at work.

It is important we know that 80% of success in any area of ​​your life .... 80% of success is the emotion you put in what you are doing.

It is very difficult for me to talk slowed in the video because when you have a lot of emotion has a lot of power in what you are doing you end up putting speed and I usually already speak too fast. So we need to control the speed I'm talking to you who are learning the language ok. So sometimes I feel like talking faster, but I try to control myself not to be so quick ok come on.

So I told you that 80% of success ... for éé .... anything in your life comes from the psychology of emotion you put on what you are doing. Important people talk about it, leading researchers talk about it. In the linguistic field Dr. Stephen Krashen, an American researcher Dr. Stephen says these non-linguistic factors are more important than the methods you use to learn a language. Non-linguistic factors mean factors ... basically emotional factors and psychological factors. So this ... so it is very important we talk about emotional control and emotional control ok. So we need to learn methods is now we'll talk about it then. Some methods for you to develop your emotional control, so you feel good, you feel more energized while you learn Portuguese ok. So here we go.

In this video we'll talk about the first method because basically we have two two methods jeitos..duas two ways to develop the emotional domain control of their emotions two ... two ways, what are these ways? The first is through the physiology of your body. Physiology means body ok. Then through your body as you manage your body posture ... posture is the body position that you will apply to your body to develop the emotional control the second way that you can develop the emotional domain and through its focus, your mental focus ok. Then two ways ... through the physiology of your body and through your focus, emotional focus. Let's talk about ok physiology.

Let's imagine the following you came home after a long day at work you come home and you think, "Oh ... I do not want to study Portuguese, I'm not tired to study Portuguese." Very well. As your body gets when you're tired? Usually their shoulders are forward his head forward is ok. Your eyes are ok for the floor. So how your body is? When you are tired. Usually your shoulders are drooping his face is fatigue in position, their eyes are on the ground and you're all in a position fatigue.

So the first way you have to change your emotion, you manage your emotions is you change your posture from your body. If you put your shoulders back, chest up, looking forward, up, lift your head put your body in motion you will achieve a state of change. A change of emotional state. Because? Have you seen .... someone is sad while running. The guy is running and sad? Who does not normally exercise, who are practicing physical exercise is usually cheerful, he is happy, is full of lively energy in your body ok. So the first change you have to do is put your shoulders back upwards their eyes upward lift his head chin and now another thing that is super important is you learn to breathe if you get breathing that slight breath you do not It takes enough energy for your body to your brain so you have to fill the chest handle. As in "Martial Arts" for example those who practice ... I say this because I practiced one ... Kung Fu some time then in the martial arts you learn to breathe okay. So when you learn to breathe you learn to get get more energy for your body right? Martial arts ... karate ..kung iiiaaa fu ... then who does martial arts learns to breathe because this is another method you get more energy for your body.

First is by changing your physiology lift your shoulders chin head make a move with your preference of body and learn to breathe pull air safe deep breath 1,2,3,4 the 2nd loose ok. So are simple techniques that makes your body out of a bad emotional state and put more energy in their daily lives. Posture change, back straight, chest up, shoulders up, eyes up. Get some exercise if possible practice some exercise. As you listen to the MP3 places the MP3 comes out running, walking, hiking, you can walk. So this is important because it will give you more energy to give you more will you do more things at once. You are learning, you are managing your emotions because you are putting your body moving while you're improving their intellectual part.

Then reviewing the first thing you have to do is change your emotional state each time you ... What I want you to do from now on is .... every time you come ... you are tired, haggard ... think how your body, what is the position of your body. Change your shoulders up estufe..respire background skirt and preferably walk you will see how your emotional state will change ok. So these are techniques to make you feel better for you to have more energy for you to learn Portuguese ok. So until next video and see you soon ok. Bye.