Language exchange

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TPR (Total physical response) - 2.

Hello guys are here with a new video to teach you new verbs we use here some materials. A plastic bag, a box and a ball. Luciano then take the bag. Take the box put inside the bag. Take the ball put into the bag. Place the bag on the floor. Now take the bag. Remove out of the bag put the ball on the table take the box. Put on the table. Take the bag put on the table. Staff ok. Hello guys. So let's learn some new verbs. I'm here with my niece Maria Luiza she will demonstrate to us the commands ok. Maria Luiza come here. Maria Luiza back there. Maria Luiza come running here. Maria Luiza running back there. Maria Luiza point to the ceiling. Maria Luiza point to the floor. Point to the door. Staff ok. Maria Luiza drink the water. Maria Luiza peel the banana. Bite banana put on the table. Take the apple. Bite the apple put on the table ok. Ok staff then Maria Luiza drank water and ate banana ate the apple.