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The five roles Memory.

The registration of information in memory depends on the human will?

- No, the record in memory is involuntary. The events that happen to us for a day or are not registered in the memory depending on the degree of emotion attributed to the fact.

Everything will be recorded in our memory?

- No, because the emotion determines the recording quality, the higher the volume involved in an emotional experience, the more the record is privileged and the greater the chance of being rescued.

We can delete bad experiences of memory?

- No, the memory can not be deleted, it can be reissued with experiences that contain high emotional content, combined with repetition.

What can facilitate access to information in memory?

-The Emotional energy at the time of access. For example, worry, stress, and anxiety block access, while the relaxation, happiness, carefree allow easier access.

There is pure memories of the past?

- No, we reconstruct the past with little or much difference and never full because we can not rescue all the thoughts with the exact string of words the moment that thought was generated. People, environment and circumstances help recreate specific times of the past, but not exactly.

Memory serves to create thoughts and not for simple deposit information.