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Learn faster Portuguese.

How to learn Portuguese faster.

Most language schools focuses its attention in grammar, in the mechanism of language.

Teach conjugate verbs, study preposition rules etc. Analyze language as object of study.

But the Portuguese is a living language. It changes from place to place, from time to time.

New expressions emerge others disappear. Then your focus should be on communication and content.

What I mean by communication? Good communication is the exchange of information between two or more people.

What I mean by content? Well I mean for you to focus on the meaning of information.

Your brain is designed to learn languages, but you have to learn in a different way that is friendly to your brain.

If you piss off your brain with rules, you will learn slower, if you try to analyze the language, if you try to memorize vocabulary, if you study in school books and try to make tests and tests are boring, you will learn more slowly (slow).

Your brain is a super machine to learn Portuguese, but use it correctly.

Here's how to make your brain happy and learn Portuguese faster.

Learn from stories. Our brain loves stories - is the oldest and most natural form of communication.

Focus on meaning, not in the way. In other words, do not worry about the grammar rules. Instead, focus on understanding and being understood.

Choose content you like. Only hear and read content in Portuguese that you find interesting, meaningful and fun for you. If you do not like, find something you enjoy.

Easy read novels, do not read textbooks. Again, the brain loves stories and hates tests and exercises. Read easy and interesting material. Read a lot of them!

Make friends, join the community. Portuguese and any other language used for communication then communicate with other speakers of Portuguese! Forget the mistakes. Forget the grammar. Just relax and communicate.

By the smile, enjoying and focusing on the meaning of the content, you will make your brain happy.

And a happy brain learns fastest.

Use these friendly brain strategies to increase your ability to speak Portuguese.